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Let's get this out of the way first. I really like Evo's, therefore expect this article to be biased. I don't own an Evo, mainly because I'm broke and also because I'm sixteen and I can't drive on public roads legally. Although that doesn't stop me from doing so. I guess it's like falling in love with someone who is quite obviously out of your league and quite probably doesn't know that you even exist. For now, at least.

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It all started in 1973 with the Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR. In the hands of Andrew Cowan, this 1.6L GSR Coupé was piloted to five straight victories during the Southern Cross Rally. Andrew later founded Ralliart, Mitsubishi's high-performance and motorsports division.

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In the early 1980's, Mitsubishi introduced the Lancer 2000EX Turbo. This car was the very first to receive the legendary 4G63, the 2.0L Turbo power-plant which ultimately made it's way through all of the Evo's up-to the ninth generation.

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During the late 80's and early 90's, Mitsubishi's rallying flag was carried by the Galant and Mirage. But in 1992, the Lancer was back in the game. This time in the Evolution form. It was packing the familiar 2.0L Turbo 4G63 producing 244 hp with the rest of the drivetrain components being borrowed from the Galant VR-4.

After Mitsubishi's success in winning four WRC Drivers Championships, a special edition of the Evolution VI was released in 1999 paying homage to their Finnish rally driver, Tommi Mäkinen. The car featured 17" White Enkei's, a titanium turbine, Recaro's with embossed T. Mäkinen logo and numerous other upgrades.

The last hurrah of the 4G63. The Evolution IX was introduced in 2005, with the 4G63 receiving Mitsubishi's variable valve timing technology called MIVEC and a revised turbocharger. A Evolution IX wagon was also released in Japan with only 2500 being produced. The Evo IX is considered by many as the last true Evo.

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The 2016 Mitsubishi Evolution X Final Edition marked the end of the Evo's 24 year production run. There has been speculation that an Evo with electric/hybrid power-train could be produced, but the last of the true Evo's have come to an end.

I'm gonna go to a corner and start crying all over again.