- T​he “Slowmobile” in all its err... Glory?

A​ Lime Amongst The Lemons?

I​ve driven a string of lemons over the years, but have I found a lime?

1y ago

The second generation Hyundai Accent. Its... Well, it's something put it that way. Designed in South Korea, assembled in either India or Russia, possibly Indonesia and then Iran did something with it and there we have it!

I'm driving a 2002 model which debuted in 1999, where the curves and politeness of the first generation had long disappeared for something more box like, more rectangular, more conservative... Or the designer had a bit too much crystal meth the night before and was still off his face upon his arrival to work the next day.

My Accent is the 1.3 model with a thunderous 86bhp which isn't worth talking about, it's not a performance machine, so let's leave that there. It has a few dings and dents thanks to the previous older owner, but it's to be expected, once human beings hit 70, they immediately forget how to drive. I don't mind the dents really though, it gives the car a story, a bit of character.

Inside is incredibly cheap, its cheaper than a typical Tory on an Austerity high! Still the Accent is very roomy and comfortable, it's a pleasant place to be, looks a lot more modern than the exterior. Minimal buttons means less can become broken! The brakes in my car had just been change, though I'm doubtful I'll ever use them as you don't get up to any sort of speed where you actually need the,m.

The car has changed me as a driver, I've enjoyed eco driving, getting 160 miles to a quater of a tank, the low tax and insurance makes me smile too. I've paid a little over £400 for a car which hasn't been thrashed, has just had a full comprehensive service, the belts and head gasket changed, with 6 months M.O.T too. Its been a well looked after car.​

I've planned to use the "Slowmobile" which I've rightfully called, as a stop gap vehicle, it's got a little over 100,000 miles on it, I'm going to maintain it as I would any other car.

The Accent has really surprised me, I think I might keep it, let the gap go on for a little bit longer, it's not my usual type of vehicle, but if I can save a small fortune and stick another 200,000 miles on the clock, then I think I've found my winner.

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