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This Tribe will be about others already working in pit lanes and will follow my own journey in motorsport, here's a little of my story so far!

My story begins in the 2015 season, but we will come back to that another time. 2016 has been an important season for me, see I have come from a non racing background, I have no engineering degree or in fact a degree of any description, yet here I am working in British GT!

What may be shocking is that by the time round 1 came this year I had a 7 week old baby and a season long media pass as PR to Will Moore, a British GT driver with Optimum Motorsport driving an Audi R8 LMS, yet I only had half a season's experience, so how did I do it?

It was in fact much easier than I could ever have imagined, spurred on by my partner who had 11 wonderful years in F1 and likewise he didn't get there in a conventional way too. He encouraged me to live my dreams and seek out the ways in which I could make it happen and here we are now towards the end of 2016 with nearly 2 years of experience and super excited for the next season and sharing it with everyone and helping others find a way to make their dreams come true too, so I hope you will join me and some friends I've made along the way and maybe come the 2018 season you too will be in a pit lane somewhere in the world! This is Life In The Pitlane!

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