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4y ago

Let me introduce myself. I am 22 years old, Dutchie and i like to dress up in tight fitting clothes and ride my bike a few hours a day. Yup, Something must have gone terribly wrong.

So you might be wondering what i might be doing here. First of all just to annoy Jeremy Clarkson. But i actually do like cars a lot. The technique behind it, The looks, The sensation of fast acceleration.

And to show that passion for cars i bought a van so i could put a few bikes in easily. Oke, i admit. That did not prove my point. But to make up for it a little i do drive a lotus elise occasionally (with Yellow racing stripes). And some day i will buy an Alfa Romeo. Which is the cyclists perfect car when you think of it. It will never work, so you will have to take your bike anyway.

This tribe will be for cyclists and petrolheads, For any questions. Like why we are so annoying, i will be here to answer. Or at least give it a try. So we can develop some sympathy towards each other, and make the world a better place.

Have a nice ride, Jan-Willem

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