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A look at Mirafiori

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In the south outskirt of the city of Turin take place the cradle of italian car industry. Opened the 15 of May on the year 1939 and still in function, althought partially, nowadays. The assembly plant of Mirafiori take is name by the area of the city where is placed. Theatre of lots of workers' strikes and fight for work rights it also gave birth at most of the more iconic Fiat models like all the 500's range, the Fiat 850, the 600, The Panda and more others. In febraury 2008 in the whorkshop 83 was inaugurated the new headquarters of Abarth. In these day after the company was acquired by different brands, they produce only the Alfa Romeo Mito, the Maserati Levante and the 500 Abarth.

assembly line Fiat 500

In the assembly plant run a total of 20 kilometres of railways and 11 km of underground tunnels which connects the various areas of the 2.000.000 m² plant.

FIAT 124, 500 F and Fiat 600 D travelling above workers on the assembly line

If you though about old little cars the 500 is one of the first to get across your mind, a car for ordinary people, cheap and practical adapted for everyone, the inconfondible shape and style made it a icon around the world.

500, 600 and 1100

The plant of Mirafiori assembled lots of models across the years:

The fisrt one was the Fiat 500 "Topolino" , many others came along, the 1100, 600, 850, 124, an so on and in the last twenty years also the Lancia Lybra, Thesis and Musa, The alfa Romeo 166 and MiTo until the Maserati Levante.

Assembly line busy working in the 70's

The economic boom in the seventies take the production at its maximum level, not only for the quantity of pieces produced but also for the technological improvement, in those years the plant was upgraded for assembly the new saloon car 131 Mirafiori, more than a million and an half of them was built in less than ten years.

woman work on a Fiat 127

126 year 1973

end of 600's assembly line 1955

Fiat 850 1964

Workers of Mirafiori fighting for their rights

Theatre of strikes and protests, Mirafiori's workers give the start to the "Autunno caldo" many others plants and industries across Italy inspired by them found the courage to fight for their rights, health care and a fair distribution of shifts, setting an example for workers of every kind of industry.

Military vans produced durin WW2

During WW2 the plant produced military veichles as well, and was badly damaged by air raids.

FIAT Mirafiori plant is an important piece of Italian history, it's a sad thought, in these days of the 50 thousands workers of the early days only less than an half is still employed in there.

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