A​ look back on Drivetribe's growth

Take a journey back in time and see how our beloved Drivetribe grew

3w ago

Ever wondered what Drivetribe looked like in the early days and how it developed into what you are seeing right now? Well thanks to my weirdness and love for nostalgia you will be able to today! I fell in love with the whole Drivetribe idea from the moment I was accepted into the program, so deep actually that I kept screenshotting the website each time there was a change, new feature or an update.

Please, take a journey back in time and see how our beloved Drivetribe grew!


Seatbelts on, let’s take it to the beginning shall we?

November 12th, sixteen days before official launch of Drivetribe - I finally got accepted, created my first tribe and celebrated with a screenshot! This is how the first tribes looked like.

Moving on to the main page, it would then contain most active tribes, most discussed articles and most influential people! Tribes back then had a feature that showed you how many “bumps per day” your tribe received and that would then rank you up so more people could find your tribe.


I hope you are still buckled up because 2017 was hell of a year for updates!

Starting with new look to the main page, it now shows recommended tribes instead and also shows popular posts instead of most discussed posts.

Tribes also received many new features, you could now see how many views your tribe has, how many bumps you received and which members are the most active!

Behold, HASHTAGS! Completely new feature for tribeys, you could now use hashtags in your posts and others could also search by hashtags and find your posts easily, one really helpful tool!

New reworked profile page now shows your total bumps, your followers and people you are following. It also has a nice slide for the tribes you are following. By design, it looks real close to how we see our profiles today!

Since we are talking about profile looks, the profile page now has a new feature - interests! You could now see anyones interests in the form of hashtags, which you could then click on and see the posts!

Ding-dong, tiny tribe update! You can now make an announcement on your tribe!

Ding-dong-dong-DONG! Huge update - completely new tribe look! Instead of having one huge photo for your tribe, you can now have two! One that basically works as a profile photo and second one that works as your background. Profile photo now lines up real nice with a bunch of information just below it - with tribe leader shown, bumps, members and views. Tribe “feed” is now updated as well, with hashtags now integrated much, much nicer into tribes feed, they now are shown as tabs and their functionality changed when clicking on one from tribe - you would now see the posts from that tribe only - what a great way to sort content on a tribe!

Yes, it’s still 2017 and no, we are not done yet. One of biggest updates to the main page - featured articles! If your article was specially featured, it would now take half of your screen on the main page - really great way to get more people to click it!

Not done with the main page just yet. Meet Live Chats - early version of our chat system now known as Tribe Chat. People could now for the first time chat on Drivetribe in chat rooms! Also, a little change to the feed - you could now sort the posts you would see on the main page by Discover or My Feed.

A new look for tribes tab on main screen, just like you could sort your main feed, you could now sort your tribes tab.

And with last little update of 2017, let’s get back to hashtags again and let me show you how cool searching by hashtag used to look like! You had your top tribes shown, below that were posts and also similar hashtags just below the follow button!


Drivetribe is now growing up, perfecting itself and getting a look we all know today.

Let’s start big, again - DIRECT MESSAGES! For the first time you could now message any lovely tribey on Drivetribe! You can imagine how many already existing friendships were strengthened and how many new were made!

Big changes were made, again, to the main page especially - everything was reworked and made much cleaner to look at. You had popular tribes on your left side with popular chats following it straight below them.

New feed redesign followed as well, with title and description on the left side and a title photo on the right - funky design that later changed from having information on left to just below title image - the look we have now.

Now to the latest update and feature I screenshotted, please welcome verticals and a new main page redesign! This is the look we all know - three featured articles with verticals on top. I suspect the verticals idea came from hashtags, which back then looked really like a vertical and had exactly same function - vertical being much nicer and more original. Each vertical has specially dedicated page that welcomes you with its own featured article then as you scroll it shows you the posts that were promoted by an ambassador and a list of special tribes for that vertical.

You made it. You can take off your seatbelt and relax, maybe shed a tear or two, just like me. You just scrolled down the history of Drivetribe and saw it grow into what you see today, on your screen, right now. I hope you enjoyed it.

Now before you leave into the current, fresh Drivetribe, I would like to ask you a few questions.

If you’ve been here for some time, what is the best thing you experienced here on Drivetribe or because of Drivetribe? Did it change your life? Gave you a chance you never thought you have? Please tell me in the comments!

For the new tribeys, how was your experience so far? Do you enjoy it? Do you think Drivetribe is something that will become a part of your life moving forward?

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Comments (50)

  • I can't believe it's been that long since launch! This was so nice to look back at, thank you SO much. Made me a bit emotional! I feel so lucky to have been a part of this community for so long - and to watch it grow! Best thing I have experienced on DriveTribe? Met some incredible friends, like yourself Norbs! Also found my love for automotive photography here. I've also just had a GREAT time here.

      26 days ago
    • Right! I had to check twice to see if it really was 2016! It's been a journey right? Haha

        26 days ago
  • I remember signing up in late May of 2019, and am surprised at the sheer growth of this platform. It’s really nice to have a place to post any car thing you’d please, whether it’s a spot or a review. Especially when Covid hit, my school shut down, and I had nothing to do.

    Since then I’ve started writing and sharing photos and reviews of my model cars (which is an expensive and addicting hobby, btw 🤣) and have grown to love the community.

    All in all I love this article and have realized the journey that all of us started when signing up. Cheers.

      26 days ago
  • This was such a nice travel back in time! You're asking a lot of questions but let me say that being here made me want to write again and made gain confidence about writing, in another language than mine. Most of all, thanks to drivetribe I have met a lot of amazing persons, some of them have become my dearest friends who I use to spend time with when it's possible, so yeah it's been an awesome trip since I joined

      26 days ago
  • I guess for me it was Roast My Ride. At DriveTribe, we used to have weekly Friday sessions in the office at presenting some new/wild idea we would like to implement for our users. RMR concept was simple: you upload a photo of your ride, it would be displayed for a minute or so and people can roast it live in the chat box that was available before the next ride appears. You can also vote whether you thought the ride was hot or not. We eventually did a 30minute special with James May’s ride that got roasted constantly by Hammond. Absolute gold 🤣

      26 days ago
    • Haha and people really didn't hold back! It was brutal 😂

        26 days ago
    • James's RMR could be considered as the best DT moment ever. Crazy scenes 😂

        26 days ago
  • I am very happy that I have been here from the very start in 2016. Personally, I liked the announcement feature which looks to have gone and think that 2017 was the best UI. But still the DT team has been doing a cracking job to keep on evolving

      26 days ago