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A Love Letter to a Car

As another year of Jimny ownership passes, it's time to take a look back on what's gone on, and what's gone wrong.

A traditional three-year anniversary is celebrated by giving gifts made of leather, meant to symbolise the durability but also the flexibility of a relationship. I haven't bought my Jimny anything for its anniversary because I am once again looking for work, but also because in the past year of ownership I've treated it to;

1 new battery.

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That was the original battery finally giving up the ghost after nearly thirteen years of hard service!

1 new grille element.

1 new radio head unit, digital - video coming soon, probably.

1 new exhaust gas recirculation valve.

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Sounded pretty funky when it was battling a buggered valve.

2 new rear-seat releases.

2 new headlight bulbs.

2 new number plates

4 new tyres. Needed them after I realised it'd do burnouts for days!

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Haven't done this with the new rubber. But it's still a hoot!

And 685.71 litres of petrol (a snip at £780.97!)

This year, we've only covered 4832.1 miles, a fraction of our usual adventures, I blame lockdown. And that you got sidelined for a while when your EGR valve failed, not that that stopped me loading my bike up and blasting up to Grafham water with you. And then there was the time you ran out of electricity on the bridge going through the centre of the village and had to be rescued. At least we haven't run out of petrol this year, which is a bonus I guess. But on a positive note, you've been my reliable commuter bus, my break from the drudgery of life in lockdown. You've brushed up well, matured somewhat into a 'modern classic' and haven't spat me off a roundabout backwards in the torrential rain. Your serpentine belt may still squeak, you still rattle like a tin can filled with gravel, your body roll makes the Ever Given look as though it handles well, your brakes are still woeful, but I still have no regret buying you. Hopefully, our fourth year will hail more adventures and fewer stoppages. Maybe I'll fix the rattle from the exhaust too?

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I am a child. And have no cares at all for the redline.

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Comments (18)

  • You look like a young James May in that image and I’m not complaining

      6 days ago
  • Nice james may costume

      6 days ago
  • This is one of cars ive always wish i owned, and i think depending where i end up with next with work (military) might depend if i get one instead of a van, ive always wanted to have a proper off roader version of these, snorkel mud terrain tyres, lifted etc they might not be fast but they look so much fun!! and with the new 'baby G wagon' version the prices of these have become really good value for money.

      5 days ago
    • Third gens like mine have picked up in price a bit recently, and will probably hold fairly steady. Mild mods don’t damage the value either. They respond well to a small lift, chunky tyres and not much more is needed. A snorkel is good if you’re...

      Read more
        5 days ago
  • Jesse, do you recommend the Jimny for winter driving on the road?

    I know it‘s a great car for offroading, but how does it behave on snow covered streets?

    It‘s 4WD is made for rough terrain as far as I know...

      6 days ago
    • On the snow it’s fine. Some decent all terrain tyres and it’ll keep chugging away. Leave it in 2WD and go full rally stage or lock the front hubs and just plod on in safety.

        6 days ago
    • Do they still do manual locking on wheel hubs? Like Samurais used to have.

        6 days ago
  • Love the reg!

      6 days ago