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A love of Porsche

1y ago


Over the last three years my taste in cars have totally changed, I used to be one of those typically european people that liked really big and load American cars. Speed and performance was not really a really important factor, it was the size and color. Having a mustang or similar car was always my dream, maybe something not that special but something that made a statement.

But after actually learning to fully drive a car and understanding that performance does make a huge difference, everything I had ever heard at car shows finally made sense. I really don’t know that much but I do pick up some information when listening to other people talk about cars.

I can not in any way say that I would like to have a Ferrari or Lambogini (or I wouldn't buy one for myself) but I could see myself driving a higher preface car. And that is how I fell in love with porsche especially the 911 gt3. It just looks amazing, I was at a goodwood race last year and someone had a British racing green one. It was love at first sight (lol). I made a promise to myself that the first car I will ever own by my self is going too be a 911, the model docent really matter that much I would just like to look at on and say ”I own a Porsche 911”.

My excitement for Porsche is not really understood by my friends, I stopped on a random street the other day to look at a parked 911. And no one even stopped to pay any attention to the fine example of a car, they would rather look at art. But you really can’t use art pieces for anything els then to look at, a car can be a fine piece of art but it is also a form of transportation.

A form of transportation that does not include screaming children and giving up your seat for old people or pregnant women (I sometimes ignore the stares and just concentrate on something els), I don't understand why there are so many university students without driving licenses. And most of those people actually never finish a driving course and take the test. They say that driving is nit important or even necessary when public transport exist.

design must be functional and FUNCTIONALity must be translated into visual AESTHETICS

Ferdinand a. Porsche
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  • Welcome back Tess!

    1 year ago
  • Hi Tess! Welcome back to DriveTribe. :) Let me know if you need any help, ok?

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