- Jaguar XE

A luxury sedan for the New Age Man

And his adorable dog!

Last weekend I went for a drive with my friend Luke and his recently adopted dog Poppy. Luke treated himself a few years back to a new Jaguar XE and I still remember how excited he was at the time. But a Jaguar sedan? Not the obvious choice right?!

Luke was looking at the BMW 3 Series, but fate changed things and he soon found himself test driving a Jaguar - and falling deeply in comfort, and love.

The XE is super comfortable and is finished as you'd expect a Jaguar to be. It's also more practical then you'd think, with fold-down rear seats meaning Luke can fit his (dusty) golf clubs in. It has all the technology Luke needs, although he has had to wrangle a solution to his Android Bluetooth problems (hence why you buy an iPhone, but message me for the solution if you too are stuck).

Opting for a diesel means it's not the zippiest vehicle going around, but it has plenty of grunt and would make a particularity nice highway drive.

All in all, Jaguar have really stepped it up over the past few years. The XE feels like a sporty, young-er persons car. At night time the blue highlights inside give it a funky feel and it feels sporty when you put your foot down.

To see us discuss the best car colour, what we think of the F Type and Luke's next purchase check out the video below.


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Comments (3)

  • Great review but I was too fixated on the adorable puppy in the backseat 😂

      1 year ago
  • Great video

      1 year ago


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