A Malaysian businessman decorated his Jaguar S-Type with 4,600 Hot wheels

All were from his collection!

20w ago

We all love diecast cars and especially Hot Wheels. Nearly every one of us has a Hot Wheels collection. Malaysian businessman Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman, the CEO of Financial Genius Team, glued 4,600 Hot Wheels to his Jaguar S-Type and it looks epic.

Like many of us, Datuk was a Hot Wheels lover since he was 13. He now owns 5,000 Hot Wheels and he has glued 4,600 of those on his S-Type to decorate it.

This decoration comes with its problems though. First of all Datuk will face problems in parking it as children might want to take one or two Hot Wheels with them. The second problem is that at some point these cars will fall.

Regardless of all those problems, Datuk has displayed the spirit of a true diecast lover with this and we appreciate it a lot.

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Comments (22)

  • Emmm,it is nice,but I don't wanna go that crazy.I guess it is waaaaay better than this😂😂

      4 months ago
  • He's a great salesman, I'll give him that. First of all these aren't real hotwheels but a cheap knock off. Second of all he's just used 10 types of car over and over again, destroying the whole story of "his collection". Looks more like a good deal on Aliexpress to me. Just stick them on your car and go viral, apparently that's how it works these days...

      4 months ago
  • So when people say "Im going to wash my car", he can say "Im going to wash my 4601 cars" 😃

      4 months ago
  • Horrible. Destroying a car´s drag coeffecient like that. Ugly, stupid and probably dangerous too when those little projectiles start flying around.

      4 months ago
    • But still, who worries about drag when you are a true diecast lover. He just wanted to show his love for Hot Wheels

        4 months ago
  • Uberkitsch.

      4 months ago