A Manual A90 Supra is Coming!

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It's good news in the land of the latest generation Toyota Supra! EAG, a Texan tuning company most notable for their gated manual conversions of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia, have developed a manual gearbox conversion for the A90 and they're currently in the process of doing the very first gearbox transplant! A manual Supra is something that Toyota haven't explicitly confirmed or denied (plenty of BMWs with the Supra's engine can be had with a 6 speed manual gearbox and Toyota themselves have even developed one for the Supra), but it's something that is still very elusive in Toyota's model lineup. Since Toyota aren't exactly getting a move on about it, EAG have beaten them to the punch.

If you want a manual converted Supra, you're going to have to pay up and wait a little bit. EAG are quoting $12,000 for a manual conversion and a time of between 30-45 days to carry out all the work required. However, they do the conversion using OEM BMW parts, so it should be a seamless transition and easy to maintain once the conversion is done! The coolest part of the conversion though is the new gear shifter, specifically the gear knob. Taking inspiration from the GR HV concept, the gear knob has a hidden switch underneath that you access by flipping a plastic panel on the gear knob up. In the GR HV this was used to activate the manual mode of the automatic gearbox, but in the manual A90 Supras this will be used to activate sport mode.

Whilst it's a bit disappointing that an aftermarket tuning company has beaten Toyota themselves to the introduction of a manual Supra, hopefully this will spur Toyota on to make their own factory official manual version of the car. It's pretty clear that the demand is there and, as I said myself in my previous article about this beleaguered new car, it could actually help to solve the Supra's slow sales problems. Time will tell if anything major comes from EAG's maverick yet brilliant solution to this issue that enthusiasts have had with the car.

Are you happy that somebody is taking the no manual Supra problem into their own hands? Would you pay up for a manual conversion from EAG, or would you rather just wait until Toyota get the message and do one themselves? Let me know in the comments!

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Comments (26)
  • Will Toyota be able to build a better manual transmission for the Supra than what's available on the aftermarket? @tribe

    10 days ago
    10 Bumps
    • not really, whats offered in aftermarket is usually better, but personally for that sort of money id go a sequential race box since there isn't much difference in price

      8 days ago
  • Good start, now let’s work on taking that roof off!

    10 days ago
    5 Bumps
    • The BMW Z4 has the roof off so... not an impossible theory...

      10 days ago
      8 Bumps
    • yea the z4 has the roof off and its cheaper, soo cool as it would be it would defeat the whole purpose, its like the gt86 if you wanted a brz which was the exact same car was something like...

      Read more
      8 days ago