- 1956 Opel Kapitän with gold plated parts.

A millionaire needs gold in his life

And since this 1956 Opel Kapitän was the 2 millionth Opel ever built, it was given quite a lot of golden ornaments.

Building 2 million cars might not seem like a huge achievement for a decades old brand today, but in 1956 Opel was the first German brand to have built that many cars. It's probably not a complete coincidence that the 2 millionth Opel was a Kapitän, since as the flagship model it was the most worthy to get gold plated rather than chromed parts. More specifically all the normally chromed parts got a 24 carat gold coating.

The colors of the glamorous Opel were bronze on the roof and creme white on the rest of the body, which in combination with the gold looks astonishing!

The interior received a special treatment as well, it is white with golden accents, just like the exterior. With all the gold it still doesn't look too shiny though, it just looks very tasteful.

Under the hood you can find a 2.5 liter 6 cylinder engine turning out savage 75 horsepowers, to drive the car you have 3 gears to choose from.

It's a small wonder that Opel were very delighted about their situation on the market back then. The high-class brand had a market share of over 15% in Germany, or in other words more than three times as much as today.

Unfortunately the golden decorated Opel was a one off, and this one car was never sold, it still belongs to Opel today. But even so I think it was a really nice idea to make a special celebration model for their jubilee.

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  • That’s really cool! Hopefully will put this on the homepage!

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  • Really cool article!

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  • I Really liked the article. And yes I actually did read it. A great history lesson to share about an unknown car.

      1 month ago
  • it isn‘t oliver... it is olivers deluxe cousin

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  • Heh Vincent. Great article. Actually, the Gold Edition is rather tasteful. I’d be proud to have it parked in my driveway.

      1 month ago
    • Thank you David! Yeah, I find it very tasteful as well. Having it parked in my driveway would be extremely nice, but I think the Opel would prefer a comfortable garage.

        1 month ago