- Life Of Bez Vlog 3: Pagani's + Mk V Supra HKS Install + Tune


My third vlog for the year showing a typical work day in the Life Of Bez

7w ago

If this is your first time checking in - my name is Bez the owner of Bez Media where we specialise in Automotive Production down-under in Ausssssie land.

My working weeks usually revolve a high amount of automotive activities and today I give you a small tour of one of my clients workplaces Zagame Automotive Group.

Welcome to Zagame Automotive Group

Welcome to Zagame Automotive Group

Zagame Automotive Group consists of a range of prestige marques with such brands as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Pagani and more!

I thought during my scheduled visit to catch up with the team I would take the time to make a short vlog on some of the cars in the showrooms before I made my way down to my next job for the day. Check out some of the photo content I have created for them below.

Now for the exciting part for the JDM fans.. The MK V Supra owned by a friend of mine Mak who has a known history to tastefully modify all his cars. In this vlog I capture an install of some performance upgrades that had finally arrived together with the tuning process.

The parts being fitted are a HKS Full Exhaust System + Dump Pipe, Mode Auto Concepts Charge Pipe and some BMC filters.

You can see the whole journey by watching the video down below!

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