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Should Audi make the RS1 or would it be a flop for the little devil?

2y ago

Let's take a little trip down memory lane. This satanic little cutie is the Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro, which was revealed in 2011 at the VW Group Wortherseetour. Some madman decided it would be a good idea to put a huge amount of power (500 horses to be exact) into a car weighing only about 1300kg. And that is exactly what I'd want. Well not exactly, but you get the exaggeration.

What happened with this creation was they took the 2.5L 5 cylinder from the Audi TTRS and RS3 of the time and took the figures from 335bhp to 496bhp and 332lb ft to 487lb ft of torque. For a car of this size to have those sort of power figures is nothing short of mindless insanity. However there could be a gap in the market for something similar. By similar, I don't mean in terms of execution, I mean in terms of concept. There are very few super-minis that boast huge power numbers. The closest we have is the Mini JCW and the last generation Audi S1, both with over 200bhp, which is fine. But what if you wanted something a bit more?

The styling would be based off of the current generation A1. Now there is already a quick current-gen A1, with a 2L turbocharged 200bhp engine. But that is still in the same ballpark as the old S1 and Mini JCW. Ok, so what if, and hear me out here, it had 300-400bhp. We aren't quite talking the insanity of 500bhp, but a bit less. The 0-60 of the current (at the time of writing this, since there is no S1 (yet)) flagship A1 is roughly 6.5 seconds. Excuse the naivety and childishness of having a quick 0-60, but I would love to see a tiny rocket like this, shoot off at under 4 seconds. Now it probably wouldn't need anymore than 300bhp to achieve this, but... meh. I can't be the only one to want a super-quick super-mini, that will be a few tonnes of fun in the corners and pant-wettingly exhilarating out of them.

Obviously this would be quite a specialist car, meaning it could be quite pricey. But for those that want it, there isn't really much of an alternative, except for the other two that I mentioned. But do you really want to be at the speed limit 2 seconds later? Thought not. But back to the price, Audi would have to think of a balance between price and power. Too much power would vastly increase the cost, too little power would make pricing good but defeat the point of the car.

To sum up and account for a little bit of maths A Level revision, a lot of power + short wheelbase = wet legs. That's all I want. Wet legs. So plop on a tasteful body kit and its all good under (and around) the hood. Oh and turbofans. It needs turbofans.

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