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A Naked Shoebox!

Back in 2014 I came across this lightly top chopped 1949 Ford two door sedan at the GoodGuys Nashville Nationals at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. It was built by a Hot Rod shop from Kentucky and they clear coated the car after doing the body work, to show off how good they were at metal work. It's a neat idea and a great looking ride. Here are the rest of the pictures:

Not a bad looking ride!

Keep on Cruisin'!

What do you all think of this paintless Ford?

Let me know in the comments below and as always...

Art: Chris Breeden

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Comments (3)
  • That's some talented guys who chopped that shoebox. Most people wouldn't make the metalwork that good, they would hide the joins under leadwork or body filler.

    I love it.

    26 days ago
    1 Bump
  • Interesting. I can’t say I’d do that to my own, but it looks very cool.

    26 days ago
    2 Bumps
    • It's a little odd. I understand they were a business trying to show off their work. Hopefully, they've painted it by now!

      26 days ago
      1 Bump


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