A new Batman watch is coming

One year after introducing the first Batman watch, Undone is set to unveil an all-new timepiece called Quantum

About a year ago, custom watch maker Undone unveiled a special edition timepiece to celebrate Batman's 80th anniversary called the Batman: Cape Crusader. The watch is powered by a Seiko meca-quartz chronograph movement and it comes in with a 40 mm first titanium case (Undone's first), with green and blue luminous elements and the printed caseback showing the commemorative Batman 80th Anniversary badge. They also unveiled a side project called the Batman: Dark Knight with 'Wayne Industries' lettering on the dial.

The watch quickly became a best-seller and now there's a new one, a little less geeky, a bit more serious in terms of looks and with a completely redesigned case. It's called the Quantum.

The new limited model, set to be unveiled on September 24, is going to use Sonar technology but that's pretty much all we know about it so far. Very well then, see you on the 24?

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Comments (11)

  • #watches

      7 months ago
  • Batman is coming! @tribe

      7 months ago
  • Alessandro, are you... Batman?

      7 months ago
  • sonar on a watch? Like, you'd be able to sound off fish with it? I see some potential health issues..

    Really like the lume pattern though. It's like a submarine sonar screen. Brings up memories.. I would lose the batman from it, and then it'd be quite desirable for me personally.

      7 months ago
    • no idea. Maybe it's useful to catch penguins... banter aside, I quite like this, a lot more than the previous Batman watch

        7 months ago
    • yep. To me it looks James Bond-ish, but on the baddie side. Somebody from SPECTRE would be wearing this.

      Meanwhile I'm waiting for a custom Cap Willard watch to arrive... fingers crossed.

        7 months ago
  • How much does it cost? I don’t care, my wallet is going to hate me....

      7 months ago