A new Batman watch with the coolest name ever: here's Quantum

'cause anyone can be a hero, yo

I apologize for interrupting your morning coffee with a mishmash of popular fictional characters but I want to talk about Batman, starting with...007. I bring this up because I think that Quantum of Solace, the 22nd Bond film released in 2008, has one of the best movie titles of all time, chiefly because it includes the word 'Quantum'.

Quantum is a word that's almost always only used in physics but it sounds cool, majestic. It sounds indisputable. "I reckon the the Ferrari F50 is better than the Ferrari F40" "There's not a quantum of truth in what you just said". That's it. End of conversation.

I apologize for interrupting your morning coffee with this rather long preamble but I did it because custom watch specialist Undone has just unveiled a brand new Batman watch called, yup, 'Quantum'.

The Quantum is essentially the third iteration of what is now becoming a series of watches dedicated to Batman. Undone released the Batman 80th Anniversary about a year ago and it was sold out within days which is why they made another one, a couple of weeks later, and then another one, which is the one you see here.

The Quantum (the name actually takes its inspiration from the Quantum radar) is powered by a Seiko cal. NH35A automatic movement, housed in a (sandblasted) Grade II Titanium alloy case, 47 mm in diameter, with scratch resistant domed sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel inserts. The quantum radar/sonar concept is actually incorporated in the dial because when it goes dark, the lume illuminates to showcase a radar with icy blue luminous hands. Brilliant. The best part about the watch, in my view, is the crown + case combo. The crown features a debossed Batman logo, which is expected, but then you notice that the case also resembles the shape of the Batman insignia.

The dial is also semi-transparent, which allows you to catch a glimpse of the NH35A heart beating underneath, and it comes with military-style indices inspired by the exhaust tips of the Batmobile's jet and there's the yellow date indicator wheel, a nod to the original Batman's oval insignia.

The watch is available in two different variants. The Quantum Silver ($650) and the Quantum Black ($799), limited to 500 pieces, which is finished in something called DLC, diamond-like-carbon.

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