31w ago

A new diesel in the family... ‘83 Volvo 245 5 speed manual factory LSD I’ll post some pics after I put it back in later today

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  • Wow that's in really good shape, I can't believe an old volvo came with a lsd from the factory. I also love it's a diesel but I may be biased because I have an 87 300sdl.

      7 months ago
  • We had a lot of those here in the UK. That’s the 2.4 VW D24. We used to look after a fleet of LT vans with the turbo’d version of this engine. Due to the constant thrashing the drivers gave them, we kept MLS head gaskets in stock, ready for the next 4 & a half cylinder coolant fountain to arrive. When looked after and driven appropriately, I remember them being a really sweet thing though. Never had much problem with them in the passenger vehicles. Loving your Volvo Greg. Has it still got the CLICKY CLICKY CLICKY CLICKY CLICKY seat belt reminder? 😉

      3 months ago
  • Thanks Jack! Yeah it’s pretty gorgeous, I believe I’m the second owner. We’ll find out once I get the Carfax back. I love the old body styles... it sure appears to be timeless styling and cant help but love the fully mechanical diesels myself.

      7 months ago