A​ new Easter egg in Teslas has been discovered for the immature

I​t is quite rude to be honest

9w ago

T​esla is known for their Easter eggs. After all they are more interesting than driving the things. Now a twitter user has discovered a new one.

Y​es, Elon Musk regards inserting a plug as the equivalent of a car having a dump. You will either like it or be raising an eyebrow at this point. It is very similar to how to turn on the heated seat by saying ‘My balls/butt is cold’ (option there for the ladies). Tesla does this sort of thing to make the cars feel more human according to their PR AI.

D​o I have an opinion on this?

O​f course I do. It is a family car! What sort of example does it set to a 5 year old when it is said in front of them by their own parents? They could start saying this to people randomly thinking it is acceptable because the car accepts it. What sort of money did they spend programming all these different Easter eggs anyway? They could have spent it on making sure the car stays consistently together, raising wages, developing batteries or giving Elon Musk a much needed payday but no. He thought this ridiculous, useless and downright rude use of voice control was the best use of the money. There are also concerns about the security and privacy in Teslas at the moment. Could a parent saying this to the car be used against them if they wnd up fighting for custody of the children?

I​t provides no benefit to the real world and Elon Musk needs to realise it. The human argument doesn’t add up either. It is just plain creepy. What was wrong with pressing a button that opens it?

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Comments (14)

  • Hilarious but ridiculously silly. As you said, that is a horrible example to be setting to younger children.

      2 months ago
  • I quite like Tesla's silly features, they're the only good thing about these cars. But I agree that pressing a button is definitely the better option.

      2 months ago
  • Totally immature but hilarious 🤣🤣

      2 months ago
  • What a stupid feature. Funny, but by the way, Elon, how's the quality control as of late?

      2 months ago
  • uhh i don't even think this should be legal...

      2 months ago