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I have to confess that, if you remember well, my last post contained a clear spoiler of the follow-up, just look at the top hero image!

We left with all the sadness of a over 40 years old engine running again and then stopped by a fault in the cooling system. As said before, I collected all the parts in order to diagnose the issue.

...yeah I mean becoming a nowadays Mc Giver!

At first, it came out that the water pump lower pipe extension, despite its metallic body, showed excessive wear in the hose mounting, thus I blamed it to be the cause of everything.

Again, after some effort, Big G gave me the answer and I bought online the pipe extension with its O-ring seal and the lower hose. It took a lot of evenings passed by struggling around to find the right part for the right car... When you own a car that almost nobody knows, plus over 40-years old and no more in production line, it's never an easy task to find parts and you have to change your mind and start thinking about tweaking other components to realize suitable parts... yeah I mean becoming a nowadays Mc Giver!

Well, it was mid-october last year, I came with a friend of mine to repair the Audi: we changed the pipe and hose even if we found out that the parts where a little bit different from the original ones. Then, we started pouring clean water in the cooling system but, as soon as it filled the radiator, the water started to fall down from the water pump! The water pump! She was the damned culprit and I made a big inspection mistake!

Despite the easy managing of old cars, changing the water pump isn't an easy fix to do in-the-field, without proved mechanical skills and with the winter coming quickly. Plus we were in a hurry because the courtyard had to be cleared soon, so we had to move the car away... I had no space in my own garage to let the Audi pass the cold season, but we were already thinking of moving from our flat to a new house, with the right possibility to work on a project car.

With the help of a friend, Mauro Simoncini, who owns a local motorsport team (Lanza Motorsport - you can follow them on Facebook) and often competes on the well-known Green Hell (yep, you're right, I speaking about the Nürburgring), we managed to load the 80 on a trailer and let her pass the last winter in a safe and closed area.

Mauro has been in motorsport for years, and almost everything in his place has a racing story that deserves to be told. I just want to show you this Daewoo Nexia which he drove in the Montecarlo WRC rally in 1996...

19th MAY 2017: A NEW HOME

During the winter we managed to move to a new house with a garage capable of storing my daily Civic plus another car, thus it was the time to get back our project car! With the precious help of Mauro (again), our little Dina has been welcomed and properly placed inside her new home!

Jacked it up on stands, supply lights on and I started to disassemble the front part and work on the engine bay to give her a proper service...

This is a moment like the end of a story told only with past tenses. That's a real new start: always new challenges and updates, plus some obvious petrolhead off-topics!

Stay tuned!

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  • since I absolutely love your posts and their quality, may I ask you for a review of my tribe? Thanks in advance :-)

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    • Sure thing! I’ve been in hospital today and am kind of out of it - if I don’t get back to you real soon keep pestering me!

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    • Are you ok? Hope nothing serious... Thank you so much, I'll wait for you ;-)

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