A new look for Porsche tractors

Old tractors are being given another chance thanks to the Porsche junior project

4y ago

Inside a warehouse in Stuttgart sits an old Porsche tractor from the Porsche Museum collection. After years of collecting dust, this barn-find – for once, at home in a barn – is about to have its engine cleaned, oiled and rattled into life thanks to the help of students from Gemeinnützige Werkstätten und Wohnstätten GmbH (GWW) in Sindelfingen, an institution for disabled residents of the Böblingen and Calw district in the south of Germany.

It’s part of the Porsche Junior project, which arranges restoration work on tractors by schools and other institutions. The students will complete all of the work required, such as deep-cleaning, repairing defective parts, performing oil changes and assembly work.

During each restoration project, the students not only learn something about the technology, but they also get to experience working in a team. Once the work is complete, everyone receives a certificate that also represents a pre-vocational qualification. Around 7000 young people from more than 120 different institutions have already learnt what is involved in restoring a tractor.

The Porsche Junior project was set up in 2007 by the Porsche-Diesel-Club Europa e.V., an organisation dedicated to preserving Porsche tractors. Porsche supports the initiative; Dr. Wolfgang Porsche is a patron.

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