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A New Mysterious Bugatti Model Was Teased And Seen Testing At A Race Track

Bugatti has been teasing this interesting model on their Instagram for the past few days, and now we know why...

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Recently, Bugatti have been teasing something new on their Instagram for the past week. And it has people speculating if Bugatti have a new project coming out, but now with these sneaky photos released, we are getting starting to feel the anticipation...

Lately, Bugatti has been making us sit at the end of our chairs, on Bugatti's Instagram they have been teasing some posts to their fans. It includes two photos, the first photo of what seems as the rear of a hypercar, with x crossed lights, giving us very futuristic hyper car vibes. With the caption reading "What If..." which is most likely a huge hint. Maybe this could be due to the reason of the rumored Rimac deal that might buy Bugatti from VW. Recently this certain post had people quizzical, is this a making of a new hyper car in line or maybe a Le Mans Hypercar? It probably is, and now with these new photos of a mysterious Bugatti testing at a track, the rumors seem more and more true. During this week, the company obviously teased a mysterious new model with X-shaped taillights on their Instagram, suddenly today we also have great photos of the new hypercar at the Circuit Paul Ricard in France. It looks pretty insane.

Bugatti on Instagram "What If...?"

Bugatti on Instagram "What If...?"

On the Bugatti website it reads: WHAT IF …? BUGATTI DIGITAL WORLD PREMIERE OCTOBER 28. We are guessing the huge premiere of this "What If" will be towards the end of the month on October 28th. Bugatti followed with a new post on Instagram reading "What If Bugatti Created...? OCTOBER 28". This certain caption gave us more of an understanding. But the most important aspect of thus post was the picture, the photo showed a certain number... not just any number, the number read 0,67. Many people have realized this must be the weight to power ratio, with 0,67 kg per horsepower. This might likely be true. Do you think this is the weight to power ratio per horsepower for this new particular Hypercar?

Bugatti on Instagram "What if Bugatti Created...? OCTOBER 28"

Bugatti on Instagram "What if Bugatti Created...? OCTOBER 28"

At the moment, with these Instagram posts and these new released images today, we cannot help but wonder what is releasing soon. Today at the Paul Ricard Circuit some new photos of this teased "Hypercar" or "Le Mans Hypercar" have been released. It seems as Bugatti is testing this certain car so it readies for the end of the months release to the public. With a camouflaged car you might think it is hard to tell what is going, but we can happily and clearly see most of it. It has a rough but futuristic look, with an insane shape. The iconic horseshoe-shaped grille is still visible, but it looks much smaller and tinier, resembling the rare Centodieci's shape.

As you can tell the backlights are the same from the Instagram teaser and from the photos, which gives us more information and confirmation to expect what is coming. With a very low nose snout and a hard edgy design with obvious aerodynamic features, this new project is giving major suspense to the car community. If you really scrutinize the hypercar closely you can tell there is a massive roof scoop that most likely holds the well known Bugatti quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine. It is definitely unique looking from the long low bonnet to the edgy aero designs, with the huge roof scoop all the way to the x crossed lights.

Could Bugatti Be Returning to its racing roots?

Bugatti is an iconic, innovative and game changing brand, and most know that Bugatti dominated and changed the racing game forever. Bugatti might be going back to their roots and going racing again. It’s been almost 30 years since they last entered the 24hours Le Mans and over 70 years since they won anything. This could be Bugatti's big comeback, and they might come back stronger than ever.

What if... Bugatti is going to produce racing cars again? It resembles a concept for the new Le Mans chassis. Bugatti could be teasing a return, that's why maybe they are promising a big deal out of this "What If". What if Bugatti return to Le Mans with this Hypercar?

As these new images surfaced the Internet, our excitement is too much to contain. October 28th is a date every petrol head should and is going to save. Now with the recent news of the SSC Tuatra beating the world the fastest record, we wonder what Bugatti is coming up with next. Maybe they will take the fight to their rivals Koenigsegg and SSC? Maybe they are releasing a new highly awaited Hypercar? Or maybe Bugatti are making a return to Le Mans? Whatever it is, we cannot wait.

Are you excited for Bugatti's new hypercar?

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  • Using the good ol' W16 I hope?

      4 months ago
  • What if...

    Bugatti is going to make racing cars again?

    Looks like a concept for the new le mans hybrid cars. Anyway it look stunning.

      4 months ago
    • Actually that is super interesting... that could be a possibility! I agree it looks awesome!

        4 months ago
    • Now that i think about it more, it seems more and more possible. You are right, Bugatti haven’t entered Le Mans in 30 years and 70 years since they, this might be their comeback!

        4 months ago
  • yes Yes YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!

      4 months ago
  • 😎

      4 months ago
  • Yeeeeeee!!!!

    Looks good

      4 months ago