A new SEAT Ateca is coming this month

Get ready for the 15th of June

44w ago

SEAT's mid-size SUV, the Ateca has had a makeover and is set to make its first appearance on the 15th of June.

We know very little about it at this stage but we do know that it will come with a 'fully connected user experience, new safety features and more efficient engines'. While this doesn't tell us much, we can take a guess at what it will have.

The previous generation of Ateca came with a 1.0L petrol engine which produces 115hp. But if you found this too gutless, you could opt for the 148bhp 1.5 turbo petrol engine which gave you a little bit more grunt. And the 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine if that was more to your taste.

It is likely we will see similar engine specs to these above but they are likely to be more efficient.

Aside from an upgraded engine and improved interior technology, the new Ateca looks to be a little different too. We have only seen photos of the rear but this already shows some differences.

The lettering for the model name 'Ateca' has changed and you will now notice a '4' symbol to the right which could suggest 4x4? Aside from that, the lines look sharper and the taillights appear more aggressive.

Since its introduction in 2016, SEAT has shifted more than 300,000 units globally and more than 35,000 in the UK.

Are you excited for this new Ateca?

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