A New Year message from your tribe leader Mark Webber

2w ago


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As the curtain closes on another bumper year on the Porsche tribe, your leader, Mark Webber, has a final message ...


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  • Finally, I can't thank enough for Mark for his role as Porsche ambassador, the articles he published were truly great, to read about Bellof, Röhrl, Butzi, and so many great inside stories! Its great to revisit this tribe, looking forward to the 2019 posts!

    16 days ago
  • Porsche did such a great job at this anniversary! It is the brand with the most prominent presence in both classic car and sportscar scene, all these efforts bear fruit., It really felt for me like the birthday party of the most popular kid, with every friend joining in with stg. I attended 70th anniversary shows at various museums (like the Cité, Autoworld, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, Retromobile, Techno Classica, InterClassics, Paris Car Show, ), and saw reports from a dozen other prominent locations, where I could not attend (like Athens, Goodwood, Le Mans).

    It was certainly the best organised and strongest car anniversary I ever saw.

    16 days ago


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