A NFS Heat Highlight from my livestream on Wednesday.

1y ago

I played Need for Speed Heat for the first time yesterday and it was fun. It had its ups and downs, but it was pretty good. Unfortunately my connections and the volume of my voice was pretty bad during the stream. I was too quiet and the feed kept cutting out for the first hour of the stream. But at least when i started the stream again the feed was finally consistent. This was a highlight showing an insanely close win in the game. (Medium difficulty is medium my ass lol).

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  • I usually take the tight corners from the outside so I can get a better drift

      1 year ago
    • Yeah true, sometimes when a race is infuriating I'll refer to drifting. But most of the time I've tried to grip. I've gotten better at turning later on and even turning and shifting at the same time considering the layout of the controller....

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        1 year ago