- Rome - Traffic jam in the '60

A nostalgic view

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Roma caput mundi ancient romans said long long time ago, literally it mean capital of the know world, nowadays is just a big city in the middle of Italy, better knew for beautiful architecture, lazy politicians and utter chaos all around, traffic jams, logistical's problems and so on...

Despite all I wrote above, I'm proud to be part of this amazing beautiful mess, there's many upside in live in a such so variegate city, sadly traffic is not one of them, that was a problem even in the early days but the view was a little bit nicer than now in my opinion, instead of Smart and SUV the city was full of little cars, Fiat 500 and 600 , Bianchine and more others...some of them still survive surrounded by brand new cars and it's always a pleasure for me spot those little oldies in my daily route to work but let's take a look at how the streets of the eternal city was in the sixties...


Piazzale Appio

St. Peter Square

Cristoforo Colombo

Mignanelli square

Venice square

Flaminio Bridge

The 500 owner got some tickets...


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  • Beautiful collection of pictures! Thanks for providing a little background story. Promoting this! 💐

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