A perfect autumn day

The sun was out and the trees looked amazing. Why would you not want to go for a roofless drive?

4y ago

I'm very lucky that I live near the south coast of England, close to towns and cities yet minutes away from the countryside with some amazing roads. Nothing beats taking my MX5 2L Sport for a spin, hugging the windy country lanes and watching the beautiful countryside shoot passed.

So thanks to global warming, probably, this week has been quite warm for November. Not that I'd let something as trivial as the temperature stop me from heading out in the car. However, unless it's hot, I always need to wear a hat due to the lack of hair on my head... which is deliberately short... for cosmetic reasons.

What's particularly nice about this stretch to road, near Stockbridge, is that it's not near a garden centre so there's no old people driving slowly and there's no camp sites attracting caravan types. I can head down this road for a few miles without encountering a single car although cyclists are common place.

The MX5 loves to rev high so whilst it doesn't have the amazing notes of something like a Jaguar F-Type is still sounds pretty amazing with the roof down. There's something about having the roof down that just makes you feel closer to the action. At the end of the day I have no interest from getting from A to B as quickly as possible. It's all about how quick it 'feels' and the experience.

So before it gets too cold, wrap up warm and take the roof off your car. And if your car isn't a convertible then at least open all the windows... or buy a can opener.

Enjoy the experience. Be roofless!

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