A Peugeot, a dead battery, and classic BMWs

What do you do on a beautiful Saturday morning? Jump start your car with a dead battery, obviously

32w ago

Today I had to take my Peugeot 308 to the menders. Yes, I know that's not the most exciting start for a story, but bear with me. To liven my day up, the car decided that it won't start, because the battery went flat. Okay, my mate brought in his Kia Rio and some jump leads, we connected the two cars, the friend revved his up - and joy, mine starts. But, as it turned out, the battery wasn't just flat, it was basically dead, so the car was short on electricity. And for a Peugeot that means complete haywire. The power steering went on and off every two minutes, the ABS failed, the engine wouldn't rev properly, the auto wouldn't change smoothly, the dashboard kept switching on and off, the lot. But we only needed to go about 6 or 7 km, so I crossed my fingers, and we set off, my friend following my in his car. But the Peugeot had other ideas...

I've managed to do about 3 km when the whole just died on me the middle of the road. My friend stopped right behind me, leaped out leaving his car in the road as well, and helped me push mine about 50 meters to the nearest place where we could get it off the road, brought his Rio, and we broke out the jump leads. Again. Right...

And then I took a look around, and found out that it wasn't the worst place to break down. Apparently, we parked up next to a car shop that specializes on old BMWs, because there was about a dozen of old Beemers around. And some of them were quite impressive.

Some were rusty and beaten, like that 518, but there was a couple of really tasty ones too

I especially loved the orange one, that paint job really works for it.

We could have stood there for another hour or so, oggling these beautiful cars, but we had to get going. Luckily, my car started, and we managed to get it the shop without anymore pitstops. My mechanic said it was just a dead battery, not alternator or ECU issues, which could be really pricy. So it was a good Saturday morning after all.

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Comments (2)

  • Some gorgeous old birds there. Not seen an E12 or E3 Bavaria in years!

      7 months ago
    • We hardly ever see cars like that in Russia. Anything older then E34 or E36 is a very rare thing to spot around here. Which makes that find all the more surprising and cool to see ūüĎć

        7 months ago