2y ago


When i heard that Lego would be making a 1998 version of rovers mini cooper the 8 year old in me stole my wallet and headed off to the Lego store.

Lego aiming to compete with Rolls Royce,providing owners with added luxury. I hope the added baguette is fresh.

So whats it like. Well i presume that the engine is the 1.3i that you would find in the more metal,bigger drive able version. I suppose the best thing about this mini being made out of plastic is that it wont rust. On the other hand i would expect quite a dreadful euro ncap rating,as i have heard from many owners that a crash will result in the body work completely falling apart. You may be left with a pile of parts that resemble an old Lancia

Its not just the body that's green. This could be the most economical,environmentally friendly engine ever. Gravity powered. Top marks to Lego.

Captain birdseye,we have your ships wheel. I dont know what they were thinking about the scaling of the steering wheel.

So what about comfort. Thats pretty much not available. The lack of any from of suspension,nearly zero rear leg room and rock solid seats make for one painfull drive,in fact a word of warning. If you are suffering a sore bottom i would insist you dont drive. To put the comfort levels another way,i don't think Fred Flintstone will want to change his car in for this one. A note of saftey and practicality is needed as turning the great big ships wheel will do nothing to change the direction of the car,drivers can only hope for a side wind to push them round the corner,otherwise its into a wall and your car explodes into tiny parts all around you.

Say squeeze for the camera


In the real motoring world,Lego would severely struggle to get interest yet alone one sale if they were to produce an exact full size fully working version. The lack of steering of any kind,may hinder people who like to experience corners,or comfort..........or safety...........or any sort of self preservation. In the lego model world,its a delight to look at. I think the front is spot on and the back end is pretty close to the real thing. My criticism is mostly the scale of the steering wheel,its quite ridiculous,plus i think a sticker to give the side back windows more shape would improve the side profile.