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A-Pillar Repair-Update

How to fix a misshapen or damaged A-Pillar.

1y ago

I still have my double fake rear loader Beach Bomb and I got tired of it just sitting there, so I'm starting down the long road to turning a turd into gold. The first thing that needed fixing is the crazy chase job they did at the "factory." That's some pretty lame file work on that pillar, plus the front of the roof has been flattened. There's a small problem with the other A-Pillar, so this will go further than just fixing the first one.

I apologize up front for the poor quality of some of the photos, but you'll easily get the gist of this process.

Press some tape behind the windshield opening making sure to get a tight seal around the inside of the A-Pillars and any other edge that needs work.

Spread some JB Weld around the area(s) that need saving. It doesn't need a lot. Remember, you're repairing a small area, so use a small amount of the JB. I'm fixing all the windshield problems at one time so I spread it around. Let it COMPLETELY cure

Carefully remove the tape from the inside remembering that it's a thin layer of JB Weld, so take your time with it.

The tape has allowed the JB Weld to set in a thin "flashing" like way. This is why you want to let it set for a couple of days. You want this to be as cured/hard as it can get.

Carefully trim the thin edges back.

As the layer of JB gets closer to where you want it, start being REALLY careful with your file. To check your progress, shoot it with a quick coat of primer.

Now it's easier to see where you still need to remove material. Back to work with the finest tooth flat files you have.

The gouges on the A-Pillar have been filled in, the roof has more of a slope than it did. I need to double check so I hit it with another thin coat of primer.

This is going to need a bit more careful shaping, but it's already much better than it was when I started. It's worth it to be able to "save" a casting that might have been thrown in the parts box.

Remember to use small amounts of JB, you're repairing a very small detail. The more you add, the bigger the filing and shaping job will be. If you use this method, please post some photos of your results.

UPDATE: Pretty much finished and getting ready for paint. Definitely better than it was.

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Comments (19)

  • Here’s a pro tip on how to repair broken roof pillars on your Hot Wheels @tribe

      1 year ago
  • Great work. I may have to try JB. I’ve been using milput. Need plug the holes on the roof of this bug eye.

      1 year ago
  • I must try jb weld one day. I use ordinary full size car filler. I've seen others on YouTube using superglue and baking soda, I'll try that some day too. Some of my repairs and modifications will be appearing on Drivetribe soon :)

      1 year ago
  • Great work John 👍

      1 year ago
  • Damn. Nice post man. Good sneak peek into that part of enthusiasm. I had no idea.

      1 year ago