A place i LOVE

The best place, in the world. A Secret garage near Paris

When you buy a crappy car, let's say an orange swedish factory build kit car with a v4 ford engine and a freewheel, and that car need an almost complete rebuild, You call Mister J, one of the nicest guys, in the world, and he give you access to this place.

In the world

J. Clarkson, circa 2010

The wall are covered with decades of classic car events memories, collected by three generations of jaguar lovers. You know, the red e-type with the incredible patina you can find in most of my reportages.

From the banking of Montlhery to Goodwood, he is everywhere, and he share his love of cars with everyone willing to listen (he may have some stories from Matra then and Alpine now he must not tell, so he don't, or did he).

So once in a while i pay him a visit and i can't resist to share those pics with you.

For the little story, i had to drop by for a stroboscopic lamp and this place was my son's first car walk at few weeks old and he was baptised in the fumes of the Sonett first start with her new engine.

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  • great read👍👍👍

      4 years ago
  • Thanks a lot for these really nice pictures of my Dad's place.

    He should like it, ... if he coud see it. I think he shoud be very proud that his place became a so friendly place !

      4 years ago