A post by one of our Tribe members, Stephen Grover recently posted this exciting news on the MG Car Club-Northern Center Facebook page

This is just about the most exciting piece of MG news which could arrive in the mail.

Hoodoo is an MG C-type (not to me confused with an MG MGC - that’s different...) one of 44 produced. The C-type, which followed in the footsteps of the M-type Double-Twelve, was based on lessons learned with EX120 at Montlhery in 1930 where the MG was first 750cc car to achieve 100MPH.

The C-type was a very successful racing car, giving a great many bloody noses during its racing career and increasing the handicap speeds for the class significantly over the course of a season - making the class very difficult to compete in for overall honours and contributing to the move to the 1100cc class by MG with the K3.

The lessons learned with the C-type provided the basis for the J2, which was the first Midget in the format which lived on until 1956 - some 23 years later.

The legacy of MG owes so much to the humble beginnings, and massive success, of the C-type. We are beyond excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to see Hoodoo in action and in anger once again, after she competed in the South African Grand Prix 84 years ago.

Pictured driving Hoodoo with a board grin on her face, is one of the owners Ines Baker (née Costa)
The car currently belongs to the Costa family 🛑

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