A Powersliding Journey Through Epic Italian Roads in a LaFerrari

2y ago


Three days of driving were planned which meant there was plenty of time to play with the cars and do some shooting in Italy's Dolomite Mountains. The first day we didn't have as many drivers so we took just the GT3 and the LaFerrari up onto one of PSL's favorite passes called Passo Falzarego. He was driving his LaFerrari, I was the passenger and a friend of his was in the GT3 behind. A long way behind.The drive up was an experience I'll never forget, this car can overtake other cars so easily and thanks to the huge torque of the hybrid system you don't have to change down and rev it out to do so. This was my first time experiencing the LaFerrari in the dry and I was being thrown around in the passenger seat like I'd never felt in a road car before.

At the top of the pass we stopped to take some photos, waited (quite a while) for the GT3 to arrive as it had my camera kit in it (there no boot in the LaFerrari). I started shooting some statics at the top of the pass, but after a while the car had drawn such a crowd wanting to look at it that I couldn't get clean photos without people standing in the way!

PSL was starting to look a bit bored so I decided that it'd be best to let him have a bit of fun and do a little power sliding, since that is his name. After each run he would come and ask me if there was smoke from the tires. He didn't choose that pseudonym for no reason.

It's fair to say PSL loves the LaFerrari. At least that's what he told me: You have a great sound, much louder than the Speciale A. It is not only the engine that is much more powerful but the chassis that is completely different and lets you drive much faster without feeling it.

Every corner is 20 percent faster and you don't feel it sliding. Because of this it feels quite safe. The rear is almost too stable and safe, in fact sometimes you would love it to be more reactive and faster on turn in. The car is setup to not power slide or be crazy I think as the average customer will want to go fast and maybe doesn't have the skills to have the car sliding about!

So It's another world compared to the Speciale/Speciale A in many ways, especially in the Wet where the LaF is much more stable.

After a bit of time destroying tires I felt it was time to explore the area a bit, so we took a different road off the pass onto a route we didn't know and went exploring. Shortly after I saw an old castle, the perfect place for photos.

It was slightly bumpy to get there, but we made it.

The light was starting to fade so we decided to head to the highest point of the pass as this means you get the sunlight for the longest time and gives you the best chance of getting a sunset. That's also the perfect time to do some car to car shooting.

PSL found this boring though so he once again decided to live up to his name

Then he started power sliding in front of me… Producing as much smoke as possible!

At the top of the pass we stopped to calm down a bit and enjoy the view as the sun went down behind the mountains

It's physically impossible to go anywhere with a LaFerrari without drawing a crowd. Oh, and we had a friend join in a black Speciale A.

After a few group shots and some time admiring the view we hopped in the Speciale A's and the LaFerrari and did some car to car photos.

Of course this resulted in PSL doing some more power sliding… Are you sensing a trend here?

The last morning of shooting and I managed to persuade PSL and his friends to wake up for sunrise to go take photos on a toll road which leads up to Rifugio Auronzo. When we wake up it is of course dark and we realize it's a bit of a drive to get there so we need to get a move on. I'm the passenger in the LaFerrari again and the moment we get out onto clear roads the Speciale A and GT3 are nowhere to be seen behind us.

We go all the way to the top of the road and I decide my favorite spots for photos and then stop for a few of the LaF before the others arrive. The scenery at the top of this road is just mind blowing, you could soak it up for hours, although of course I'm there to take photos…

It's not too long before the Speciale A arrives, so we can take a photo with a horse. Because why not?

Before I hopped in the Speciale A, PSL told me what he thinks of the open-topped V8 Ferrari:
I drove the Speciale A only in the mountains and I don't have the suspension geometry set up yet or good tires so I can't compare It with the Coupè Speciale I had before. I can say that I really love the way It is, very fast, very sharp, perfect brakes and an amazing sound especially with the roof down.
Driving It really fast with traction control off, I found It moving around a lot, I had to oversteer when braking and then again when accelerating.

The sun still hasn't risen so I took the Speciale A to go take some photos of it on my own. I don't think life could have gotten any better at this point, a Speciale A all to myself on an amazing road with the sun due to rise at any moment. Oh, and a Hasselblad to shoot it.

It took quite a lot of discipline to stop for photos, but I had to justify taking the car… This car, the most amazing car I've ever driven. I felt a part of it and could feel exactly what it was doing. I was driving in race mode and out of the corners even though I wasn't being silly the car still had a bit of movement in it, it wanted to play.

It's hard to put it into words, but I can honestly say that I was having the time of my life and that I wouldn't change anything about the car. I didn't feel the need for more power, but at the same time it wasn't too little, it was perfectly manageable and while you had to think about pressing the loud peddle, it still inspired confidence to do so. The brakes are very predictable and of course very good and the turn in was very sharp and precise. The perfect drive in the perfect car!

I'd managed to head down the mountain quite a long way so when I got back to the top the sun was just peaking over the mountains. Time for more photos!

The LaFerrari then joined me so I could get some shots of that too.

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