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A Preview Of Next Week's Action!

Have I got a treat for you guys next week! How about we see just how much everyone has been able to pick up on while hangin' out at C&HRL? That's right! A full week of Quizzes!


Photo from: wallpaperit.com

"hey, did you see that car?"

A spotting test is up first. Can you name that car?


Photo by: Chris Breeden

from the Garage: Quiz!

You're gonna wanna sharpen those pencils for this mechanical quiz on Tuesday.


Photo by: Chris Breeden

Hot Rods & Street Rods

A couple of questions about two of my favorite subjects get asked at mid week!


Photo from: 1949 Ford Sales brochure found in the Custom & Hot Rod Life vast historical archives department!

A saloon is a place where cowboys get drunk!

Thursday brings up some questions about different car body types.


Photo from: Hemmings Motor News

I'll take four new Goodrich tires, please!

Friday it's time to test everyone's knowledge of obsolete car parts.

October has been the best month ever here at Custom & Hot Rod Life! I want to thank you all for the bumps and the encouraging comments! You guys, ROCK!

Keep on Cruisin'!

Art: Chris Breeden

Last Week's Links:

Monday: Wheeling & Dealing!

Tuesday: Shocking Stuff

Wednesday: Tough Questions

Let me take a moment and point out that the above story made it to the homepage, but not the EV vertical. I'll say it again: If EV promoters will not answer simple questions, then they will never be accepted by a large portion of auto enthusiasts!

Thursday: Those beautiful '33/'34 Ford coupes!

Friday: A beautiful '34 Ford Coupe in particular!

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