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A Preview of Next Week's Action!

Hello loyal readers! I've got another week loaded up and ready to go for you guys! I'm in the transition period of going from written articles to video ones and as a result, I'll only be releasing three articles next week. Calm yourself, I think these are three awesome stories!


Photo from: Hemmings Motor News

Who's the Best?

I'll give you my countdown for the top 5 pre World War 2 Fords!


Photo Courtesy of: Hemmings Motor News

The 'Vettes keep rolling in!

Another Spotting Guide comes out on Wednesday about the C2 Corvette!


Photo Courtesy of: Snap on Tools

"Hand me the whats-it... It's beside the thingamajiggy"!

We'll end the week with a Obsolete Car Tool Quiz!

The empty spaces on Tuesday and Thursday will be taken up with a couple of picture posts and be sure and check out Morning RPMs! That series is really rockin'!

Keep on Cruisin'!

Have a great weekend and be sure to drop by next week!

Art: Chris Breeden

Last week's Links:

Monday: Back to the... Past!

Tuesday: I see blue ovals, everywhere!

Wednesday: How to tell them apart!

Thursday: Jingles all the way!

Friday: Art for Arts sake

Thanks for reading!

Lastly, Semper Fi! Happy Birthday to any US Marines out there!

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