- The Unplugged Performance Ascension R. Screenshot from DÆrik Youtube Video.

A race spec street legal Tesla Model 3

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Tesla is working on a few things nowadays, including a new Model S and the Roadster. However, the folk over at Unplugged Performance don't want to wait for higher performance Teslas, they want to make their own.

Say hello to the Tesla Model 3 Ascension R, probably the highest performance Tesla out there. The company have a history of modding up one of the world's most popular electric cars, and are behind the Tesla Corsa experience that takes customers on-track with their beloved Tesla.

..The kit will evolve along with the development of parts...

The majority of their work has gone into tweaking the aerodynamics, mainly reducing drag and increasing efficiency through the air. Essentially, the work UP have done is a kit added to the Model 3, and you can even get certain parts alone. Importantly they don't stop at just the kit you see today, and believe they will continue to evolve the upgrade as they learn and develop new parts.

You get the kit which includes the front, diffuser and side stills all from carbon fibre. You also get a GT Wing, UP-04 Superlight Forged 20×10.5 Wheel Set (they made it themselves) with Michelin Cup 2 tyres. Then there are sway bars, shock upgrades, carbon ceramic brakes and few more signature parts developed for the Model 3.

On the Inside there are carbon racing bucket seats and a racing harness kit by Willians. Also, there are no back seats. This car will feature at SEMA, but actually belongs to YouTuber DÆrik (Erik Strait). This particular build took about 2 months, but, an Unplugged Performance Ascension R built to your wants and needs take from about 4 weeks to 8 weeks. The price of this all out Ascension R build will cost $35,000 before the price of the Model 3.

This is all good and must serve the needs of DÆrik, but, I don't like it. Because why would you want a Model 3 to be street legal race car and with the $35,000 upgrade money you can buy another Model 3 or a Mazda MX-5 (starts at $25,000), Subaru WRX (base 27,000), Nissan 370Z sport (34,000 and comes with a manual) and Mustang Ecoboost with High Performance Pack (about $34,000 with handling pack). All of these ICE cars will be a better option than to spend all that money on that upgrade, in my opinion. Feel free to disagree...

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