A Range Rover like no other: New Teddy M art car revealed

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We love an art car here at DRIVETRIBE, so it was intriguing to get wind (and early wind at that) of a new one by emerging British artist Teddy M.

It was finished late last night and we can exclusively reveal the first photos of it here. The car in question? A Range Rover Autobiography, which might well make it the largest art car to date.

Teddy M’s past projects have included a unique collaboration with British Royalty and the creation of Art Guitars for Ed Sheeran. Given his previous British collaborations, he said that he wanted to choose and icon of British motoring for his car canvas and as such the Range Rover was ‘the only choice’.

His trademark is the Teddy M Heart and therefore it’s no surprise to see one on the bonnet, directly over the heart of the car. He is also known for using big blocks of bright, bold colours (he’s rather proud that a child once commented ‘you create happy art’) and these are very visible in the rest of the design.

Use the hashtag #TeddyMArtCar if you spot the car on the streets. (Picture: copyright @MasterKrishan – Instagram)

It’s always interesting to draw comparisons with the most famous collection of Art Cars – the BMW Art Cars – and in this case I’d say the RR would sit well alongside the Cesar Manrique 730i, Esther Mahlangu’s 525i and even Alexander Calder’s original 3.0-litre CSL.

The idea of the design representing what’s on the inside (the heart/engine link) also calls to mind the David Hockney car, something that is probably no coincidence given that Teddy M cites Hockney as an inspiration for his whole career as an artist.

Often the process of painting the car is as interesting as the design itself and this is no exception, bringing techniques bang up to date. While in the early days of the BMW Art Cars, artists used scaled down models, with Teddy M's 'addiction' for Apple products, he created his design using an iPad Pro. The next stage involved a very 21st century process – wrapping it.

WrapStyle UK (left) and Teddy M (right), working on the Range Rover.

Working closely with WrapStyle UK, a premium car styling company and paint protection specialist based in Uxbridge, London, each section of colour, including the Teddy M Heart on the bonnet, was hand-painted by the artist on vinyl, using the same materials he uses on canvas.

Faisal Mir, the CEO of WrapStyle UK, said: "It was a privilege to work with such an amazing artist and to be a part of the process of bringing high-end contemporary art to this medium which we at WrapStyle are so passionate about.”

This isn’t the first time that Teddy M has considered doing an art car project either – just last year he did a draft for a Ferrari F12 with his T-bolt design on the side. It never made it past the design stage, but it was well received.

This time he has gone one step further and he has described the finished Range Rover as a ‘roving sculpture’. As such The Teddy M art car will be visible out and about in London on the 21st and 26th February and around the Cotswolds for approximately 10 days.

Let us know if you spot it and – even better – manage to get a photo of it.

Search for #TeddyMArtCar on social media and go to teddym.com for more details about the artist.

(Picture: copyright @MasterKrishan – Instagram)

Pictures courtesy of Teddy M and @MasterKrishan (Instagram)

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  • Just what the world needs, an even more Cheshire Rangey.

    1 year ago
  • I'm sure many people like this sort of thing, but I'd rather have a plain one... I don't get the appeal, it just looks somewhat like German WWI Tank camouflage. Except useless.

    1 year ago


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