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A rant: Why aren’t people buying colourful cars anymore?

Let's make our streets look like skittles while we still can!

5w ago

One thing which has annoyed me this week (I know it's only Monday, but it doesn't take a lot) is about colours. Over the weekend, SMMT unveiled the best selling car colours of 2020 and it was as bleak as you could imagine.

The result was grey and it has been for the last three years here in the UK. Second was black and third place was white. It seems to be the case that no one wants to buy a colourful car anymore and I find this very sad.

To me, a car is there to express how you feel and to brighten your mood. I know the majority of people are not car enthusiasts but there must be a fair few out there. So why is no one buying colourful cars? Grey is so dull, and sure it works on some cars but not 400,000 of them which were sold last year!

We've been through the Nardo grey phase and we've seen the days where every car owned by anyone with more than a hundred Instagram followers was wrapped in satin black, so why not change that? Why not start ordering some punchy coloured cars.

Considering the year we have just had and the one we're in for, I think we all need a bit of colour in our lives. Why not order your brand new Audi RS6 in green? Why not spec your dream Huracan in a lary yellow or orange? Why not configure a sexy purple Aston Martin? What have you got to lose?

I understand people who don't want to stand out, and that's fine, but there must be some of us who can buy some wickedly impressive looking cars.

Even electric cars are being specced with boring colours, the most popular being white at the moment. Why can't we get some red ones, or blue ones or even purple ones. The new blue you can get on the VW ID.3 looks mega, I know I would opt for it.

I also understand that a lot of the time you have to pay a fair bit more for a nice colour and I get that, but why not opt for one where you can. Live a little people!

Okay small rant over...proceed as you were.

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Comments (58)

  • Think it also a resale thing. Usual colours ate easier to re-sell.

    I also noticed that a bright colour is a magnet for “close Parker”. My blue Beamer got banged up by other car doors pretty badly.

      1 month ago
    • It does depend on the car, yes but I reckon people will want a punchy looking car soon enough.

        1 month ago
    • Sometimes too much attention isn’t that good either;)

        1 month ago
  • That was a well written rant. Ben. I too have wondered why cars are in such boring colors these days.

    I think people buy cars in boring colors because they are cheaper. Also, if you buy a bright green car, on the day you buy it it looks awesome. But when you park it in front of your house and start driving it about, you may regret it. Especially when you are driving around a Granny Smith apple in a sea of black, white, grey, and pearl.

    Despite this, I would rather have a car in a beautiful blue color or another bright color than the boring black or white. I love color, but when there are super vibrant colors I think it can look a bit garish.

    Also, if you look out for Mazdas as you drive down the road, you will notice that most of them are red. (At least that is what I have noticed.) I find that interesting because like you said, boring colors are so popular with other car types.

      1 month ago
    • In the Mazda range, red is about the only colour that is an actual colour as opposed to a shade of monochrome.

        1 month ago
  • When you buy a new car, usually colour costs extra £1000 or so while black or white are included in the price. That would explain a lot

      1 month ago
  • Because it's the same as with clothes. I work in a financial sector and I would lose a lot of my negotiating power showing up in a green suite. So, the average business sedan is likely to be grey, blue or black. I'll do bright yellow shorts at the seaside, so my Barchetta can be yellow. I'm a middle aged father so I have overgrown bright colours and so have my cars.

    I agree on that the cars are a statement. But I want a decent, serious, grown up statement for every day.

    Also, I'm a kind of less talky person that expects to be respected by his work and deeds, instead of talking of it, and the circle of people around me is filtered by that - so, the cars are usually understated capable cars instead of flashy ones.

    Not saying I'm right, just an opposite view on things. If I was to buy a Ferrari, I would go for a black or silver one. But above said, I would probably go for an Aston, as a more subtle choice.

      1 month ago
  • Totally agree.........

      1 month ago