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ONE OF ONLY 5 IN THE UK! Stephen Allen is the proud owner of this gorgeous Audi 60, one of only 5 reported to be in the UK!

Bought just over a year ago, Stephen set about getting the car in the condition you see it today.

All of the work you see here has been completed by Steves bare hands, including the painting of the original Marina Blue paint.

The car has already earned Steve prestigious awards at major shows in the Uk including Best Audi at Edition 38 & Top Ten Winner at Audis in the Park.

Keep an eye out for this car, just because it doesn't have bling wheels or ground hugging Air suspension, it shouldn't go un-noticed........If you do get to see the car in the flesh, find Steve and he will happily tell you more!

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  • Amazing Car

      3 years ago
  • seen this in the flesh and she is a bea-ut!

      3 years ago