A real Sleeper - VW Sharan Minivan with Turbo & 700 HP!

Minivans have been popular for countless years. No other type of vehicle is used more often by families. But with regard to "properly motorized“ Variants looks pretty poor. If we add the Mercedes R-Class to the minivans, then you can R63 AMG as the only real “top model” in this category. Nothing comes underneath for a long time! Apart from this Sleeper! Actually traditionally slow and unsightly, it's not just there to get people from A to B. The Auto Addiction video shows a Big Variant with 700 hp, which is particularly intended for the quarter mile. The basis is a VW Sharan VR6! The best Sharan has a 2,8 VR-6 engine (204 bhp), 4X4, and manual 6 transmission! And the transformation from Sharan to Racer is pretty nondescript. A few sporty rims and a lowering and apart from an exhaust system that spits violent flames, that was it. Check out the spectacular video in which the Sharan has to compete against a VW Golf MK3 VR6 Turbo, by the way har-tuned hot-hatch with 510 PS!

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