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Although growing up during the V10 era, I never truly got into Formula 1 until the 2014 regulations came into effect , so I never had the chance to experience the "glory days" of modern Formula One.

From looking at various social media related content, it seems to me that many fans like to look backwards rather than forwards. If you look on any official F1 post across all social media platforms, comments always seem to feature "BRING BACK V10S" "ONE TEAM/DRIVER DOMINATING THE SPORT IS BORING" (rinse and repeat where applicable). Now as a newish fan to the sport, I totally respect where the sport has come from, I as much as anyone else enjoys the sound of a screaming V10 engine or seeing my favourite driver (whoever that may be) win Sunday after Sunday, but there is a line to be drawn.

Take the engine example. If we look at some of the technology that is currently available on everyday road cars, such as Traction Control and use of lightweight construction. If you trace these features back, they would have first been used in racing cars. Racing cars are a blank canvas that allows engineers to innovate and create, look at KERS. Right now it is the reserve of £1Million hypercars, but slowly we will see that tech drop down the food chain and will, one day arrive in your dads new Vauxhall Insignia. To me that is what F1 should be. The worlds finest drivers, racing the worlds best cars, designed by the worlds best engineer's, making the lives of everyday drivers that wee bit easier.

Coming back to my other point, about the domination of the sport by one single team. In my opinion, this argument does not seem to make much sense. From 2010-2013, Red Bull dominated. Go further back and Ferrari were dominant up until the mid 2000s, so there has always been a dominant force. I feel that these people that comment don't seem to understand that there are often races within races. Usually the battle for 5th is better than the battle for 1st. Surely any sort of racing is better than nothing? (Of course we won't mention the 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix).

It is this close mindedness that infuriates me about some members of the F1 community. I know its not possible to like everything (looking at you, halo), but surely if there is nothing you enjoy about the sport then why follow it?

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