A Renault Captur appears in 1995 in Netflix TV series Lupin

Back to the future!

13w ago

The more a film is set in the past, the greater the risk of anachronism, which is logical after all. Expressions or even objects appear in front of the cameras due to inattention or lack of money. Netflix made this mistake in its recent successful Lupin TV series.

Georges Kay, the director of that series, probably thought that this little detail would escape the attention of Internet users, but this was clearly not the case. The oddity can be seen in the first episode, during the flashback sequence held in 1995 where we trace the relationship between Assane Diop and his father Babakar.

If the attention of the spectators is naturally focused on Anne Pellegrini's Golf Cabriolet, we note two parked vehicles that have clearly crossed eras. On the left is a first generation Mercedes A-Class, a city car sold since 1997.

A two year gap is not much and this is probably why the car is still clearly visible. On the other hand, you don't have to be a car expert to say that a Renault Captur can't end up there! Arrived quite randomly and discreetly hidden behind a row of trees, the small SUV went back in time 18 years like a Delorean!

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Comments (5)

  • the captur has been captured

      3 months ago
  • Good eye!!

      3 months ago
  • bet the showrunner will tell you they did it on purpose "because this show is ahead of its time and we wanted to capture that"

      3 months ago
  • Younger me could swear the original release of Back to the Future had a Chevy Astro van in one background of a 1955 shot. Would need to confirm with a VHS copy as the DVD/BluRay now have a panel delivery model correct for the year.

      3 months ago