A RX-7 FD linked with a childhood memory

Ah yes, that blue RX7 FD.

37w ago

Recently browsing through some old picture files on my pc, I came across some photos of this beautiful blue Mazda RX-7 FD3S taken 5 years ago.

To me, this particular RX-7 held a very special place in my collection, because it reminds me of the very first time when I was a little kid, saw a real one(and it's the exact metallic blue in color) overtaking my dad's car on a highway(especially that iconic "telephone-shaped" tail light housing really caught my eye). My dad told me it's a Mazda RX-7, and it's a very good sports car(also a very rare one here in Taiwan).

Many years later, I started collecting model cars(particular in 1:43 scale) as a hobby, and developed an interest by taking photos of it as well. I always remembered this particular RX-7, wondering will the perfect example appear in proper 1:43 form someday. Through the years, still didn't found a proper one to meet the expectations, until a brand called "Ignition Model" appeared on the radar...

Known to collectors, Ignition Model offered high quality exapmles with different variations, from "slightly customized" street versions to "fully-loaded" ones, they really made a splendid job. As they released the example finished in beautiful metallic blue with gold BBS LM wheels(code IG0204), to me, yes, it was "love at first sight". Knowing never had the ability to own a 1:1 in real life, at least I have to get one of these on my hands to fulfill the dream! Luckily enough, I managed to get one eventually.

Back to the photos, these were taken back in 2015, at "Wuling", located in the "Hehuan" Mountains, which is also the highest point of Taiwan's Central Cross-Island highway(3275m above sea level). Due to tight time schedules, only managed to take a few shots.

Maybe I'll pay a visit back(and do a "remake"), someday...

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