2y ago


A Season in Review: Nico Rosberg

Points: 385

Position: 1st

You'll struggle to find anyone who'd argue that Mercedes haven't been dominant over the past 3 years, and over the first two years of that stretch it was Lewis Hamilton leading that dominance, however this year has seen Nico Rosberg emerge from Hamilton’s shadow and put himself in the conversation of today’s elite drivers.

Whereas most would argue Hamilton has been consistently quicker than Rosberg this year, Rosberg showed champion-like qualities that saw him build and then manage a lead over his teammate. Where Hamilton struggled off the line, Rosberg kept errors to a minimum and regularly saw out race wins in clinical fashion. Did Hamilton’s bad luck significantly impact upon the championship? Of course, but with Hamilton bearing down on Rosberg in the last 4 races he showed supreme composure under pressure. He couldn't afford to make one small mistake, and he didn't make one.

You’d be a bold fan to bet against a spirited Hamilton comeback, which means Rosberg may have to up his game even more, but with the confidence he's surely gained from this title win, it seems entirely possible that could happen.

Season Rating: BH – 9/10