Best Moments of the Year

Moments don't get much bigger than winning a title, so t's tough to top the crowning moment in Mexico, even though it was worst result of the year. There were some other special weekends though, equalling hero Ayrton Senna's pole position record in Canada and another home victory at Silverstone.

Worst Moments of the Year

In a season where he scored points at every race, bad moments were few and far between but he did have the occasional 'off' weekend. He was comfortably off his best in Russia and Austria where his teammate rose to victory and the qualifying session at Monaco really hurt him in the race.

Target for Next Year

Go for number 5


As a personality, he constantly divides opinion and everyone has the right to either like or dislike the man. Regardless of your opinion towards him or his lifestyle choices, it cannot be denied that Lewis Hamilton is an epic racing driver who deserves all the success he has achieved. It's staggering to see some individuals remain adamant that he is nothing more than an average driver, I can't even comprehend how an argument like that is formed.

He was second best in 2016 and rightfully didn't win the championship, but he learnt from mistakes throughout the year and improved his consistency. It's a shame that Ferrari reliability meant the title was decided much earlier than it could have been, but you can't blame Hamilton for being opportunistic and taking the chances that fell his way.

RATING: 9.5/10

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