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Points: 53

Position: 11th

Statistically, Felipe Massa’s 11th place finish in the drivers’ championship is his worst since 2005 when racing for Sauber, this clearly indicates that this year wasn’t the best for the Brazilian but is also testament to his consistency over his distinguished career.

Simply focusing on this season, Massa actually had an encouraging start, a couple of fifth place finishes in Australia and Russia yielded encouraging points in a run that saw Felipe score in each of his first six races, however the points were to dry up after this and the early season momentum seemed to disappear. In fairness the Williams’ performance dropped off significantly from the last few years and teammate Bottas did not fair a great deal better.

The pair of fifth place finishes will not be viewed as the pinnacle of his season though, instead that would be the mind-blowing reception he got from his home crowd following a crash. Easily one of the best moments of the season and everything he deserved. A brilliant driver with a character to match, Felipe will be fondly remembered in the F1 community.

Season Rating: BH – 5/10

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