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Best Moments of the Year

When you compete in every race of a season without scoring a point it's tough to pick any moment that can be classed as 'best'. In which case, securing a drive in 2018 might well top the list.

Worst Moments of the Year

Driving at Sauber meant that there was little chance for points on most weekends, so the worst moments of the year are probably the races in Azerbaijan and Spain where points were possible. Ericsson finished 11th in both races whereas his teammate Wehrlein picked up points in both.

Target for Next Year

Don't get embarrassed by rookie teammate Charles Leclerc. Oh, and some points would be nice.


A D Grade Driver with A Grade sponsors will always fair better than an A grade driver with D Grade sponsors. It's a shame that it works this way, well not a shame if you're Marcus Ericsson. I understand that driving in the underperforming Sauber was difficult and that it wasn't his fault that most races ended with no points, but I just saw nothing from him all year that impressed or excited me. In truth, he wasn't too far behind Wehrlein across the season, but where Wehrlein offers the occasional spark, there's nothing from Marcus.

Theoretically, Sauber (Alfa Romeo Sauber) will be more competitive in 2018 with a current spec Ferrari engine, this should bring a greater chance of points for Ericsson, but with greater opportunities to succeed comes greater expectations. The hype surrounding new teammate Charles Leclerc is pretty huge and if he lives up to this hype it's going to be difficult for Ericsson to keep up.

RATING: 5/10

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