A Season In Review IV: Daniel Ricciardo

Unlike many of his races this season, this article is finished

2y ago

A season that started in such a promising manner, only for the reliability bug to bite. And boy, did it bite hard. Attempting to compete with Mercedes and Ferrari is hard enough as it is with a serious engine deficit. Throw unreliability into the mix and it becomes almost impossible.

The wins that Ricciardo forged in China and Monaco will be fondly remembered for many years to come but they were the only two occasions he found himself on the podium. As previously mentioned, reliability played a huge part in this but to suggest that was the only factor at play would be false. Teammate Max Verstappen regularly outperformed the Aussie, particularly on Saturdays.

Midway through the season it was shockingly announced that Ricciardo would leave Red Bull for Renault in 2019. The reason why is still relatively unclear (A new challenge? Worried about Honda's arrival? Preferential treatment for Max?) but giving up a top car is a bold move. Will it backfire? Only time will tell.

RATING: 8/10

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Comments (2)

  • Mixed opinions on him leaving.

    I think Renault can definitely provide him a championship winning car in the near future.

    However Im gonna miss all the videos Red Bull upload to YouTube and Instagram! Not gonna be the same without Danny Ric!

    And which, Monaco was only in some sense lucky. He had some major power issues, just lucky that Monaco being a tight track no one could build up the speed to overtake him!

      2 years ago
  • He's just lost hope in the team after that terribly unlucky (?) run.

      2 years ago