Reliability issues may have cost him at times, but when it all came together, Verstappen was a force to be reckoned with

      2y ago


      Best Moments of the Year

      The overtake on Lewis Hamilton and the win that followed in Malaysia was spectacular to watch and was a great moment after so many disappointing results in the year. His other win came at Mexico and whilst it was overshadowed by Hamilton winning the title, he pulled off a really comfortable victory.

      Worst Moments of the Year

      Pick whichever retirement you like, but Azerbaijan and Canada were particularly hard to take as a large number of points were on the table. Besides the retirements, his contact with Daniel Ricciardo on the opening lap of Hungary was uncharacteristically sloppy, as was getting a puncture in Monza.

      Target for next Year

      If he has the car to do it, there should be only one thing on Verstappen's mind.


      It's crazy to think that at 20 years old, Verstappen now has three years of F1 experience. The initial promise he showed is definitely not fading and when the car is good enough, he's always in contention to win. It was always going to be tricky this season with the unreliability and relative uncompetitiveness of the Renault engine, but Verstappen made as much of the situation as he could.

      Saying this, there are still areas where he can improve and there are signs that he maybe isn't quite ready to string a full season together. Unreliability hurt him, but he only had one more retirement than Daniel Ricciardo and finished a full 32 points off him despite picking up one more win. Achieving podiums on a more consistent basis is perhaps the next step for Verstappen, but there's no doubt about it, the boy is ridiculously talented and is here to stay in F1.

      RATING: 8.5/10

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      • for me, if he had the same car as vettel and hamilton (i mention them as better drivers of each of two dominant teams), i think he would beat them both. he is very talented, and seems to be a great guy outside of the car as well.

          2 years ago
      • Only one thing I can say about it. If he ever comes in a position to battle for the championship (yes, if) it'll be a bit different. Up until now he hasn't had anyone really challenge him if he made a move. I think, hot-headed as drivers are, once they'll be battling for the WDC there are going to be a lot more crashes. Verstappen isn't one to pull out, and some others who might be in the same position aren't either.

          2 years ago
      • Go Max, grow up Max...

          2 years ago


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