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Best Moments of the Season

By no means his best performance of the season, but claiming a first career point in his opening race for Force India was surely a moment he'll remember. Perhaps his two strongest outings came at Monza and Mexico City where he finished the best of the rest on both occasions.

Worst Moments of the Season

Very few to choose between, perhaps failing to score points in Monaco after a disappointing qualifying session. All of his other frustrating races came through little-to-no fault of his own. E.g. Belgium, Brazil and Azerbaijan.

Target for next year

He was in touch with Perez all year but was usually just behind him. Defeating him next year would be a real statement. Aside from that, claiming a podium and achieving 100 points seems tricky but plausible.


In his full rookie season, Esteban Ocon was throughly impressive and there are those (including myself) who believe that Ocon has a big role to play in the future of F1. It's tough to compare, but this could be the best debut season we've seen since Sebastian Vettel. If Ocon carries along this path, there could very well be a Mercedes seat for him in the future.

Whilst Ocon was undoubtedly quick throughout the year, this wasn't actually the trait that impressed me the most. What impressed me more was the consistency and the maturity that he displayed. Ocon scored points in all but two races of his first full season, if nothing else this shows a level of adaptability that will serve him well in the future.

Of course, it wasn't the perfect season and we mustn't lose sight of the fact that he still lost to his teammate, but to get that close in his first year is an achievement. 2018 is all about kicking on, but from the evidence he's given us this year, that shouldn't be an issue.

RATING: 8.5/10

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